What I Wore To Church – My Fashion Truth

My Fashion TruthOrange Tiger Lilies Skirt 1 Orange Tiger Lilies Skirt 2 Orange Tiger Lilies Skirt 3 Orange Tiger Lilies Skirt Shoes

Top: Pink Rose Stripe Roll Sleeve Henley
Skirt: ModCloth Breathtaking Tiger Lilies Skirt in Orange
Scarf: H&M Tube Scarf in Woven Fabric
Shoes: ShoeDazzle Omaira (no longer available)

ModCloth has a campaign going on that I absolutely love. It’s called #FashionTruth. They say to “be what you want to see in fashion”, and to show off your fashion truth. So I’d like to share mine.

I’d always loved shopping and clothes, but fashion and blogging has been so much more to me than I expected. I was going through a really rough time about a year and a half ago. I lost a baby at 23 weeks, and I was just devastated. It was a very traumatic experience for me, and I spent a month and a half doing nothing but grieving. I rarely left the house, and I was lucky if I got into more than yoga pants every day. I was looking for something to get me out of that slump, and my sister encouraged me to get into blogging. I chose fashion blogging because I got to showcase my styling abilities (that have come a long way since then), but I didn’t have to get personal. It was a great distraction and a creative outlet.

Pretty quickly I figured out I absolutely LOVED it. It gave me reason to get out of my yoga pants and start to feel beautiful again. I gained back my confidence, and I started taking better care of myself. I don’t blog a ton, but I’ve been realistic about how much I’m capable of doing so I didn’t let myself down. I’ve blogged at least once a week, almost every week since then. I still look forward to putting my outfits together each week, and even though my blog doesn’t get a ton of hits, it’s important to me.

So my #FashionTruth is that fashion and blogging pulled me out of a rut and helped me get back to me. I’m not always on the forefront of fashion, and my outfits aren’t always edgy or hip, but I love doing it. Fashion blogging helps me feel confident and beautiful.





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