Julep Review – July 2014

July Julep 1

For the first time in a long time, I didn’t skip Julep. I haven’t been feeling them lately because I’d usually like one color, but not the other, or I wasn’t interested in the extras, or I just didn’t feel like paying the $20 that month. This month, not only did I want both colors, but I found 3 add ons that I wanted. Their Poolside Collection is a lot of fun!

We’ll start with the polishes.

July Julep 2
Lorenzana (Shiitake Creme)
Tamara (Lipstick Red Creme)

These were the colors included in the original Boho Glam box. I loved the taupe because I can wear it to work and it looks subtle but (forgive the pun) polished. I needed a good red as well so this box was perfect for me.

July Julep 3
Lissa (Tumbled Turquoise Creme)
Vicki (Pink Flamingo Creme)

These were 2 add on colors that I chose because they just looked fun, bright, and summery. I’d been on the hunt for a good turquoise, and who doesn’t love flamingo pink?

July Julep 5July Julep 6

Since the lighting in my house sucks, I also took a picture outside in natural light. Lorenzana (taupe) and Vicki (pink) required 2 coats.  The other 2 were good with just 1.

July Julep 7

Bare Body Milk

This was the additional item other than the polishes that came in the Boho Glam box. My hands were super dry today and I didn’t put on lotion all day (totally on purpose because I knew my box was coming, right? Just kidding, I just kept forgetting to put on lotion but it worked out in your favor FOR SCIENCE) About a dime sized amount and my hands are moisturized and smell amazing. The dryness and cracking are gone. This stuff is legit.

July Julep 4

Clean Slate Polish Corrector Pen

This was my third add on. These things are great! I usually use a q-tip to touch up my nails but this is so much more precise.  Plus, you may notice it comes with extra tips for when the end gets too dirty. Awesome! Now I can make it look like I did my nails right the first time instead of it looking like a toddler attempted it.

July Julep 8
Octavia (Smoky Indigo Creme)
Soraphine (Classic Sheer White Creme)

This pretty set came as a gift because I chose 3 add ons! I was pretty excited about that.

July Julep 9 July Julep 10

(Wow, the lighting in my house is really bad.) Both colors took 2 coats. Clearly Soraphine is meant to just be glossy and not really a color.

So overall, I got 6 polishes, awesome hand lotion, and a polish corrector pen for $33. Sounds like a pretty good month to me!

If you’re interested in trying Julep, use my link here. They are a subscription service but you can pick and choose which box you want each month and you can skip months! You can get your first box free with code FREEBOX (totally original, right?). Just pay shipping.

Happy Shopping!



2 thoughts on “Julep Review – July 2014

  1. LOVE!!! I am a polish freak! Thanks for the promo code & intro. Now I don’t have to sit at Ulta wondering if I will like the color.

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