What I Wore To Church – Blue Dress and Oxfords

Blue Striped Dress 2 Blue Striped Dress Blue Striped Dress Shoes

Dress: Old Navy (last season)
Cardigan: ModCloth Charter School Cardigan in Magenta
Shoes: JustFab Hall

It’s no mystery that I love stripes, and since I bought this dress last year from Old Navy, it has been one of my faves because it’s crazy comfortable (I’ve never met a jersey dress I didn’t like). Usually I save it for 4th of July weekend and pair it with a red belt and red shoes, but I have something else in mind for next week. So, I decided to wear it this weekend and change it up with this awesome magenta cardigan from ModCloth. The look still feels mildly patriotic without being outright red, white, and blue.

Pink and blue is not something that I usually pair together but I thought it worked well. I’m going to let you in on my secret of how I decide what colors look good together. Sometimes I know there’s a color combination that’s hot so I’ll try and figure out what I have in my closet in those colors. Most of the time though, I decide on what dress, or skirt, or shirt I have that seems fun, and then I hold it up against the cardigan section of my closet until I find a cardigan in a color that I think works.  I have the luxury of a very extensive cardigan collection (most of them Charter School Cardigans) but it’s really helped me put some color combinations together that have become my favorite (navy and mustard, pink and orchid, sage and yellow, etc.). I know there are all kinds of charts out there that tell you what color families compliment each other, but really I just keep trying until I find a combo I like.

I tried something new with the shoes today too. I love these crocheted oxfords from JustFab, and I kept trying to wear them with skirts and dresses, but I just never felt like they were quite the right look. Today, I took the leap and went with it. Not only were the flats super comfortable and I wasn’t worried about tripping with the baby, but I thought they looked pretty cute. My husband isn’t a fan of them. He thinks they look like something you’d find in a grandma’s attic. I however, love the vintage feel of them. So he can deal.

If you’re interested in trying JustFab, use my link here and get your first pair for $20. They are also doing a site wide BOGO right now so it’s worth a look-see. Standard warning applies that it is a shoe club membership so be sure to read the terms and conditions.

Also Old Navy is doing 30% off online right now. Never hurts to look. You might find your next favorite dress.

Happy Shopping!



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