ipsy Review – June 2014

June ipsy 1Happy June! I know I was pretty hard on ipsy last month, but they certainly redeemed themselves this month. We’ll get right to it.

The good:

June ipsy 2
NYX Butter Gloss in Eclair (full size)

I was probably most excited about this product, and it didn’t disappoint. It goes on smooth, and the light pink color compliments my skin tone nicely. The only downside (and it’s not really a downside) is that it doesn’t “taste as sweet as a sugar cookie” as advertised. It tastes like lip gloss. Color me disappointed. Also, a friend with a more tan complexion was not a fan of the light pink as it washed her out. So, while it’s a good color for me, it’s not for everybody.

June ipsy 6
Jesse’s Girl Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner (full size)

This product boasts “Japanese calligraphy precision” while applying. I’ve been using Eyeko Skinny Liquid Liner which is quite easy to apply and precise. I was impressed to see that the tip on the Jesse’s Girl liner was actually thinner and thus more precise. While I’m no Japanese calligrapher, I was impressed with how smooth it went on. I can’t speak to its waterproof quality as I haven’t tested it in the rain. However, it came off really easily when I washed my face so I don’t know if I’d trust it while swimming. That’s fine with me, because I actually appreciate when makeup comes off easy, instead of having to scrub my eyes out.

June ipsy 4
Be A Bombshell Lash Out Mascara (full size)

I’m very particular about my mascara. I need it to go on smoothly, and come off easily. This did both. While it didn’t add a super amount of volume, it’s perfect for every day wear when you don’t need to look like an eye model.

There’s no bad in the bag this month (yay!) so on to the Meh:

June ipsy 5
OLEHENRIKSEN Truth to Go Wipes (sample packet of 10 wipes)

I used these to remove my makeup last night. It removed about half of it (meaning when I actually washed my face after, there was still some make up to come off, not that it only took the makeup off half my face in the style of Mulan). It also dried my face out a little bit. Both of these reasons are why they are in the meh category. Also I wasn’t a big fan of the smell. It wasn’t terrible, but their “signature citrus vanilla” scent wasn’t as good as it sounds. So I guess that’s 3 reasons why they are in the meh category. They would be good in a pinch while traveling though.

June ipsy 3
Marc Anthony Dream Waves Beach Spray (sample size)

I’m never a big fan of these “beach sprays” because my hair at the beach is not attractive, so why would I want that in a bottle? However, in the name of science I decided to try this one. As expected, my hair did not turn out with what I expect stylish beach hair to look like. To be fair, I have quite a bit of hair so it’s probably too heavy to achieve that look, but I’ll let you decide: Beachy waves or frizzy mess?

June ipsy hair
I’m leaning towards the latter. I even went out in public with this hair FOR SCIENCE, PEOPLE! I got a couple of looks and I may be paranoid, but I saw judgement in their eyes. Yes, I am capable of styling my hair without it looking like I don’t own a hair brush. So maybe this should be in the bad category. I guess I decided that it was my hair that was the problem and no product can give me beachy waves, so why fault them? Or maybe I was just so impressed with the rest of the bag that I went easy on them. Either way, I won’t be using it again.

So overall, it was a good month. ipsy redeemed themselves after last month’s disaster. I was wooed by their full size products and good quality make up. Moral of the story, stick to make up, ipsy. It’s where you excel.

If you’re interested in signing up for ipsy use my link here. If you use a referral link you’re supposed to get off the waitlist faster. I don’t know if that’s true, but it’s worth a try!

Happy Shopping!



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