Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh 1

One thing new parents need is easy meals, and our super sweet friends that live in Atlanta wanted to provide. Since they were far away, they decided to give us that in the form of a gift card to Hello Fresh. It was a brilliant idea and much appreciated.

Hello Fresh is a subscription service that sends you everything you need to make 3 healthy meals per week. Each meal feeds 2 people. They give you a couple options, you choose 3, and they send you all the ingredients including meats and fresh produce, as well as a recipe card. It comes in a box with a cooler inside, lined with ice packs to keep it cool. The meal options change weekly so you won’t get bored of the food.

This is an example of just one of the 3 meals that came in the box. It’s everything needed for Apricot Glazed Chicken with Couscous and Lemony Green Beans:

Hello Fresh 2

A closer look at the ingredients bag:

Hello Fresh 3

The cruelty-free, farm raised chicken breasts:Hello Fresh 4

The easy to follow recipe cards:Hello Fresh 5Hello Fresh 6

And the finished product provided by my personal chef (my husband):

Hello Fresh 7

Each meal takes about 30 min to make and the directions are very specific. They even tell you how to cut and prepare the meat and vegetables for those that aren’t super kitchen savvy. The food itself is pretty good, and Kyle is already thinking up ways to make these meals again, but make them more to our liking (substituting different vegetables, adding chicken stock to the couscous for more flavor, etc.).

Overall it’s a great service, perfect as a gift for new parents (as long as they remember to cancel the subscription after the first week if they don’t want to continue), or for couples that don’t want to fuss with grocery shopping and meal ideas. The only downside I really see is the price. It’s $69 for 3 meals which is about the equivalent of 2 people eating out 3 times. It won’t save money, just time. You can also pay for 4 meals at $129. Additionally they have vegetarian options that are $10 cheaper. It was definitely fun to try out and it seriously was a fantastic idea to send to as a gift. It’s taken a ton of stress out of choosing our meals for the last week!



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