Date Night – Graphic Tee and Vans

Graphic Tee and Jeans 1 Graphic Tee and Jeans 2 Graphic Tee and Jeans 3


Tee: LOFT Misty Floral Print Tee
Jeans: H&M MAMA Skinny Jeans
Shoes: Vans Canvas Authentic

Guise! I’m wearing a graphic tee. This may not seem like a big deal to you, but it’s a big deal to me. My junior year of high school I called a guy out for staring at my boobs while wearing a graphic tee, and he told me that I was basically begging for guys to stare at my boobs because they had words on them (victim blaming is awesome, amirite?). Well it screwed up my fragile teenage self-esteem and I haven’t worn a graphic tee since. I always wanted to wear them, but never felt comfortable in them again.

I decided when I saw this one on LOFT’s website that I wouldn’t let that guy from over 10 years ago control what I wear anymore, and I was going to buy a dang graphic tee! I liked this one because it was a cute print, but still subtle, and because the print extended down, it helped disguise the tummy. I went easy on the accessories so they didn’t overwhelm the tee, and I chose the Vans because they are comfy, and they are my favorite type of sneakers EVER.

If you’re asking yourself why I dressed so casual for a date night, it’s because the weather was looking sketchy, and since our usual plan is to go to restaurants with outdoor seating so the baby can fuss without disturbing people, we didn’t want to chance it. We decided to order in Thai food and spend the night watching “Orange is the New Black” instead.  Totally still a date.



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