Date Night – The White Trend

white tren 1 white tren 2 white tren 3Top: LOFT Pleated Lace Front Cotton Tee
Jeans: H&M MAMA Skinny Jeans
Shoes: ShoeDazzle Marva
Bag: c/o JustFab Fairmont
Jewelry: Monica’s Fantabulous Fashions

Kyle and I are still going to try to do date night every Friday with the baby, and even though we were just going to Mellow Mushroom, I used it as an excuse to dress up a bit a feel a more human.

White accessories are huge right now, so I was super exited to receive this bag from JustFab as my birthday present, one of the perks for being a Brand Ambassador for them. I love the cut out detailing on the side as well as the option of straps. It’s a classy, on-trend bag and was the perfect size for all my stuff, as well as the baby essentials.

I bought the shirt at LOFT on sale last week, but unfortunately it sold out between then and now. I picked it specifically because it had detailing down the front. It worked pretty well to disguise the tummy.

You may have noticed, I’m still wearing maternity pants. My weight still hasn’t stabilized so I haven’t bought any pants yet, but there’s no shame in enjoying the comfort of a stretchy waistband a little while longer.

I was going to wear some flat sandals but opted for these adorable wedges instead to dress up the outfit. They give the fancy factor of heels while still having the comfort of sandals (plus the bows are SUPAH CAYOOT).

I’ve discovered it can be pretty intimidating to show you my post-baby looks. It’s not as easy to dress myself these days as I thought it would be. Don’t get me wrong. I knew that my body would be completely different, but just finding things that fit, and that I feel comfortable in has been difficult.  The biggest thing I’ve had to learn is not to worry about what size things are. Focus on how clothes fit, not the size listed on the tag. I recently had to buy something at Target in a size 2 sizes bigger than I’ve ever worn, but it fit, and it looked pretty good. It’s not an easy transition to make, but feeling comfortable in what you’re wearing, makes you more confident regardless of size.



If you’re interested in signing up for JustFab, use this referral link.
If you’re interested in signing up for ShoeDazzle, use this referral link.
I’ll give you my usual warning that both of these are shoe clubs, so be sure to read the terms and conditions prior to signing up.


3 thoughts on “Date Night – The White Trend

  1. You look amazing, my friend! 🙂 (The outfit is super cute as well! Totally bitin’ your style…just you wait!)

  2. On WNTW their fav thing to say is it’s not about the size but the fit. Who cares what size it is as long as you look FAB-U-LUS!

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