eShakti Through Pregnancy

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Any of you that follow my blog know how much I absolutely adore eShakti. It’s my favorite online dress store by a long shot. I love the retro styles as well as the option to customize sleeves, dress lengths, and necklines at a nominal price. One thing I see requested a lot on their facebook page is maternity options. Well, I was able to wear a lot of their styles all the way through my pregnancy, and out of all of these dresses only one of them was customized to make it a maternity dress (the chambray dress).

The secret to wearing their clothes through pregnancy is to look for the styles with higher waistlines, longer lengths (to make sure the skirt doesn’t ride up too much in the front) and elastic backs. Also important is to make sure you are ordering the right size. A few months in I had to start ordering a size up to accommodate the extra weight I was putting on elsewhere (my arms for instance), but other than that, no additional customizing was necessary. I can’t thank eShakti enough for selling dresses that kept me stylish and comfortable through all 9 months of my pregnancy.

If you would like to view the posts corresponding to the looks above, just click on the picture!

eShakti did not sponsor this post, nor did they send me these dresses as promotional items. These opinions are all mine. Just trying to share the eShakti love!


2 thoughts on “eShakti Through Pregnancy

  1. You totally inspired me to try Eshakti, Beth. I expect my dresses mid-June. I’ll update my reply to let you know how I like them. I am not pregnant but do have a hard time finding clothing that fits properly (don’t most women?). I’m so excited to try them! Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. I have been an Eshakti girl for a year and a half now. I have about 30 dresses from them! (no joke!) I am pregnant now and have been concerned about maintaining my modest retro style as my body changes. I’m still early on my pregnancy and I’m still wearing my dress but I feel some of them are getting a little snug. I’m glad to see that their dresses can still work throughout pregnancy. By the way, we seem to have similar taste! We share some dresses! 😀

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