What Crystal Wore To Church – Mint and Grey

Crystal Mint Outfit 1

Crystal Mint Outfit 2

Crystal Mint Outfit 3

Still no baby, and if I were you, I wouldn’t ask Beth about it. She’s good natured and doesn’t like to complain, but she is a 10 month pregnant lady at this point, it’s just not polite to remind her she still hasn’t had a baby. All calls should probably go through me. I’m far more cheerful about the wait.

But that just means you’re stuck with my outfit to church this week. Get used to it, we’ve been brainstorming and she’s got some posts ready for maternity leave like frozen casseroles in the freezer, but I’ll be filling in any other missing posts. I’m happy to do it because well, sometimes I get stuck without deadlines. I’ve got at least 80 ideas for posts on my own blog and I’ve just not found the motivation to write them. But here there’s an expectation! You folks deserve a weekly post, so here we go!

I do singing time in the children’s classes at church so often I try to dress to accommodate the fact that I’ll be singing Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes as well as feeling the pressure that some people I attend church with know that my sister runs a fashion blog. Today’s singing time involved me acting out some fun for the kids and ditching the heels (these ones have a fake crocodile pattern) and putting on comfy flip flops. It worked great because I can look cute and then be functional with the kids.

I decided this morning I was mixing patterns. The pencil skirt comes from Target (Merona brand) and is a gray houndstooth. It’s wintery but here in Pensacola it’s a balmy 85 so I needed to pair it with the springy mint polka dot top from Cato. I loved how the statement necklace worked. The pearls around the roses felt like a perfect match with the polka dots on the top and then my earrings were also roses, but a different material and style. It felt like it went together without being too matchy matchy.

The earrings are something I picked up when I was buying a different mint dress with lace at Maurices. I thought a different set of earrings would work, but I wasn’t sure, so I asked the associate in the store. If you’re not able to shop with friends, I think asking an associate is a great idea. They typically know the products and can recommend something that can look even better than what you’d pick. I ended up buying both pairs of earrings but the rose ones the gal suggested have been worn much more than the ones I picked myself.

Overall I was happy with the outfit’s functionality as well as style. Don’t you love it when you can reach that dual goal?



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