Easter Guest Post – What Crystal Wore to Church

So we had a bit of a false alarm last night, and I was up until 2 in the morning hoping it would progress into something but it didn’t. As such, I was way too tired to go to church this morning. So, my awesome sister, without even having to ask, filled in for me. And doesn’t she look fabulous? Thanks a million, Crystal!!

Crystal guest post

Happy Easter! I’ll be your host for today because well, Beth thought maybe, just maybe she’d have a baby last night. Just like that scene in Father of the Bride 2, turns out she wasn’t ready to go to the hospital, but she was monumentally tired in the way that only a 39 week pregnant lady can be. So she ditched church to nap and probably eat Cadbury Mini Eggs. (I’m not sure about the Cadbury Mini Eggs but it’s what I’d do and we often are of the same mind so I think it’s a pretty solid assumption.) 

I woke up to the text that she wasn’t at the hospital and thought, yikes! I need to step up my style game! So here we go.
I wanted to wear this fab skirt that my mom bought me on a trip back in November. We got it on the clearance rack and at the time I was a little apprehensive. But once I put it on I was in love. The mint makes it hip, even if it was last year’s color, my check of people at church says it’s still a popular color. But I also loved the coral, the army green, and the black. I don’t have the kind of expendable cash Beth has, so I try to look for pieces that are really versatile. I’ve worn it before with a fancy black top but I think I like this look better. I’ve got a black cami and my fav coral sweater that Beth gifted me. (Guys, she’s really out to make the world better dressed. She’s constantly sending me the cutest pieces.)I have a pair of coral wedges that I really wanted to wear, but I felt like it was just too much coral so instead I went with these wedges from Just Fab.I bought several statement necklaces because I always want to wear them, but then I chicken out or worry they don’t quite work with the outfit but I wasn’t backing down on this. If you’re not sure you want to invest in like 10 statement necklaces, don’t worry, I noticed Walmart has a design that come in at least 15 colors with silver and gold that are $5! This one came from Cato and was $8.99 and I love the  sparkly bits. Still beats Target’s for $16.99.

I’ll bet your Easter outfits looked nice and springy but I’ll be honest, I’m a little jealous of Beth’s Easter outfit, a good pair of pajama pants is my fav Sunday look.

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