What I Wore To Church – Spring Has Sprung

spring outfit 1spring outfit 2
spring outfit 3spring outfit 4

Dress: eShakti Floral Vine Print Cotton Dress (the link no longer seems to be working but try this one: http://www.eshakti.com/Product/CL0030493)
Cardigan: ModCloth Charter School Cardigan in Rust
Shoes: Cato Peeptoe Cutout Heel

For those of you that know me personally, you probably know that my dad passed away 2 weeks ago. It was pretty devastating, and I contemplated taking an extended break from blogging, but I know that my dad would want me to move on, and try to get back to normal.  At least as normal as things can be. So here goes.

I was so excited that Spring has officially begun, and I celebrated by wearing my new favorite floral dress. Another eShakti success story. When I saw this dress, I knew I had to have it. The pattern was so pretty, the colors go great with my red hair, and I loved the detailing across the waist. I also loved the light cotton material. A lot of their dresses are the cotton poplin which is a little thicker and stiffer. This is a nice light cotton that flowed and breathed nicely.  I was already warned by a friend that had the dress that the neckline was a little low, so I customized to raise the neckline as well as switching the dolman cap sleeves with regular cap sleeves to give me a little more coverage (I’m still floored that I can customize their dresses for only $7.50 total per dress). I took a pic below without the cardigan to show the difference. It doesn’t look like a huge difference, but a little bit more coverage goes a long way.

spring outfit no cardiganFloral Vine Print Cotton Dress

I’ve already talked about the cardigan at length so I won’t repeat how much I love it here (which is a lot!).

I picked up the shoes at Cato while I was at home last weekend. I love the retro feel of them combined with the modern perforated cutout trend that is huge right now.  They have quite a bit of padding in the toe so they were pretty comfortable too. The $22 price tag didn’t hurt either. They look a bit big in the picture below, but they fit just fine.

spring outfit shoes

Overall I thought it made for a great intro to spring outfit, and this may be the last week I can pull off wearing non-maternity dresses as maternity. My belly is just getting too big, but there’s only a few weeks left. 30 days and counting! Who’s excited? I’m excited!

Happy Shopping



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