What I Wore To Church – Navy and Mint

Mint and Navy 1Mint and Navy 2

Mint and Navy 3Mint and Navy 4


Dress: Old Navy Ponte Knit Maternity Dress (no longer available, but similar)
Cardigan: Tilly’s Essential Elbow Knit Cardigan (no longer available, but similar)
Shoes: JustFab Naples (no longer available in mint, but similar)
Necklace: Monica’s Fantabulous Fashions
Belt: LOFT

Don’t fall over from shock, but I’m wearing an actual maternity dress. I’m pretty shocked too. I have a couple in reserve for when I don’t feel like making a normal dress “work”, and this is one I bought on sale a couple of months ago at Old Navy. That’s definitely a maternity shopping tip. Check sales often throughout your pregnancy, and buy things you are too small for now in anticipation of your 3rd trimester. This dress looked terribly frumpy and boxy on me when I bought it, but let the belly grow a bit, and it looks great! Also, look for classic pieces in solid colors that you can accessorize. 

As soon as I pulled this dress out of the closet, I knew I had to pair it with mint. Mint and navy is one of my favorite combinations and boy, do I have a lot of mint accessories. It took some self-restraint not to overdo it with the mint accessories. I had a mint belt I was going to add too, but that would’ve been way too much. Plus, I liked the little froofy (that’s totally a word) detail of the flower on this belt, as well as the contrast of the black over the mint cardigan.

I definitely got comments on the shoes all day, mostly people telling me not to fall off of them. I just keep saying that I will wear heels as long as my body lets me, and so far it’s cooperating. I’ve been blessed that my feet haven’t started swelling yet (knock on wood), so heels aren’t any harder to walk in than they were before. Once the swelling starts and for awhile after the birth, I’ll be sticking to flats, so I’m trying to get as much wear out of my precious heels while I still can.

I feel bad that none of the items I wore today are still available because there were lots of people asking about my outfit. I don’t usually put links to “similar” items but seeing as there were requests, I did my best to find replacements. Hopefully those looking are able to find something that works for them. 

Happy Shopping!




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