Work Baby Shower!

As if one baby shower wasn’t flattering and overwhelming enough, I was completely bowled over with the super sweet ladies at work that threw me another one! (Warning: lots of exclamation points ahead)

 Work Baby Shower 3

Look at that diaper cake! Isn’t it amazing? It even had little baby socks rolled into roses. Cutest thing ever!

Work Baby Shower 2

And the food! So much good food! I got to take the leftovers home and I’m not going to need to cook for a week. (Cameo from my “work mom” Cynthia. Isn’t she adorable in her festive pink scarf?)

Work Baby Shower 4

And super cute party favors for everyone to take. The buckets and bottles are full of mints.

We had a great time! We played a few games, ate the delicious food, and then opened the presents. Lots of cute outfits, receiving blankets, baby socks, and an overly generous amount of giftcards. The people I work with are absolutely amazing. They even made me wear the “mommy bonnet” which is a hat that was tied to my head, and then each time I opened a present, part of the wrapping got attached to the hat. It was ridiculous, but fun. Pictures were taken, but I haven’t been able to get ahold of them yet (oh darn!).

And just in case you wanted to see me in my super unflattering maternity uniform, I try not to disappoint.

Work Baby Shower 1

I wasn’t as diligent at taking pictures at this one, but I know lots of other pictures were taken. I’ll have to collect them from everyone else. This party was so much fun!

Special thanks goes out to Cynthia, Cathy, and Diane for putting it all together! You ladies are amazing!


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