What I Wore To Church – Orchid Cardigan and Polka Dot Dress

Polka dot dress and orchid cardigan 1Polka dot dress and orchid cardigan 2
Polka dot dress and orchid cardigan 3Polka dot dress and orchid cardigan 4

Dress: eShakti Contrast Trim Polka Dot Dress
Cardigan: ModCloth Charter School Cardigan in Orchid
Shoes: JustFab Lausanne

I had a completely different outfit picked out for today, but I wasn’t super happy with it, so instead I pulled out my new eShakti dress and my new orchid cardigan. This dress is amazing. The skirt is definitely good for twirling. It’s so full and flouncy. It would probably look amazing with a crinoline petticoat under it. It originally came with a matching sash bow, but when I tied the bow on the side, it made the cardigan look weird. When I tried tying it in the front, it made my stomach look like wrapped present. So I switched it out for a simple skinny belt to define my waistline. It would’ve been best if I had a navy belt or sash to match the piping on the dress, but a black one worked.

The cardigan is another Charter School Cardigan from ModCloth. Do I even need to mention again how awesome these cardigans are? What makes this one awesome is that it’s orchid! As mentioned previously radiant orchid is the Pantone color of the year. This isn’t quite “Radiant” but it’s close.

I decided to let the color of the cardigan stand out, so I went with simple navy heels to coordinate without drawing too much attention.

Below is the info on referral codes if you’re interested in signing up for any of the sites. If you’re not interested, you can stop reading…now.

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Happy Shopping!



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