What I Wore to Church – Sequins and Sparkles

New Year Dress 1New Year Dress 3
New Year Dress 2New Year Dress 4New Year Dress 5 New Year Accessories

Dress: eShakti Sequin Chiffon Print Dress
Cardigan: Tilly’s Essential Elbow Sleeve Cardigan (no longer available in navy)
Shoes: Frederick’s of Hollywood

Since I didn’t get a chance to go to a New Year’s Eve party, I thought I’d pizzazz it up for the first Sunday of the year. I thought sequins and sparkles were appropriate.

The dress is (of course) eShakti. I got it in the overstock section for a steal, and it’s so much fun! It’s flowy, it’s sparkly, and it’s festive (and pockets! How many fancy dresses have pockets?). Right now it’s sold out, but give it time. It’ll be back in stock before you know it.  eShakti is currently finishing out their 50% off sale. Today is the last day, and it’s totally worth a look-see. I hope you all don’t mind reading about eShakti because thanks to referrals (I can’t thank you enough, for serious), I have a couple more dresses and skirts to feature on the blog!

The shoes were from a couple years ago. I’m pretty sure I got them for about $15 at an after NYE sale at Frederick’s. I don’t think I’ve ever actually walked into one of their stores, but I do love browsing the shoes on their website. This is actually the first time I’ve worn them. I’ve never had a fancy enough outfit to pair them with. I thought the sequins on the shoes went great with the sequins on the dress.

I also added another layer of fancy to the outfit with the accessories (please excuse what Kyle is calling my “senior photo” pose. It was the only way I could get all the accessories in). I loved the idea of a fascinator to add that retro glam feel to the hair style. It took me 30 min of playing with different hair styles to come up with this, and once I did it, I totally face palmed. It was so simple yet it worked so well.

Hopefully you got to wear something fun for the new year, whether on NYE or today. Everyone deserves the chance to feel glamorous at least once a year.  I also hope your year is full of sparkles, and rainbows, and puppies.

Happy Shopping!


4 thoughts on “What I Wore to Church – Sequins and Sparkles

    • Thank you, Viv! I think I got it at H&M a couple years ago. I used to wear it a lot more when I had short hair. It took me some time to figure out how to wear it with long hair.

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