What I Wore to Church – Holiday Colors and Leggings

Dress and leggings 1Dress and leggings 3dress and leggings back
dress and leggings details

Dress: ModCloth Up a Notch Dress
Shoes: JustFab Perdita
Leggings: Old Navy Maternity

I bought this dress a couple years ago from one of my favorite clothing sites, ModCloth. I loved the detailing on it, and I was pleasantly surprised this morning to find out it still fit over my belly. I love the sequins on the shoulders and the rouching on the sleeves. The color is also a really nice one for fall and for the holidays. The belt was added to give it some shape. I’ve definitely found that during pregnancy, skinny belts are my best friend. When I wore this dress before the bump, I would always wear it with a wider belt, but those don’t quite work for me anymore. ModCloth has a wealth of cute dresses, but most of them come a little short so leggings are a must for me, but seeing as it was cold this morning, the leggings were a necessity anyway.

The shoes were from last year’s JustFab holiday collection and are an exact replica of a pair of Steve Maddens, so the $40 I paid for them was a steal. They aren’t the most comfortable shoes (my toes were not happy with me by the end of church), but they sure are pretty. I thought the rhinestones on the bow went great with the sequins on the dress. And who doesn’t love sparkly bows?

I thought between the nice rich color of the dress, and the multiple sparkles from the dress and the shoes, this outfit turned out pretty festive. Maybe I should’ve saved it for next week, but I’m sure I’ll come up with something just as festive.

Happy Shopping!


2 thoughts on “What I Wore to Church – Holiday Colors and Leggings

  1. I think you wear it well! The coordination is pretty but not over the top. Which in my world spells b-a-l-a-n-c-e. I especially like the heels. I’m afraid to wear them myself (poor balance) but I love looking at them. Someday someone might invent classy heels for wide short feet and with training wheels to help prevent people like me from toppling over.

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