Long Overdue Bondi Update

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I was reminded today that I never did an update on the Bondi “situation”. A better description would probably be “train wreck.” Their subscription model fell apart and the September and October boxes never got sent out. Most people were given refunds for their boxes, but some still have not received their money back.

Just prior to announcing they were no longer going to offer the subscription model, they did a promo to try to pump up subscriptions which added 100s of customers, only to turn around and cancel them all, leaving a pretty sour taste in everyone’s mouth. It sounds to me like they bit off way more than they could chew and rather than admitting to that, they took one last big bite to try to choke it all down.  I encouraged a friend to join during that promo, and she was pretty disappointed when within a week it was cancelled. The last straw was that they turned off the ability to comment on their facebook page. When I asked about it, the CEO stated that it was turned off because there were a few negative customers that were trying to incite negative responses and widen customer concerns. Either way, it didn’t look good that they shut down the commenting ability right before they made their big move and cancelled their subscription service, thus disallowing customers to ask questions on their facebook page (although they could still email customer service). Part of their appeal has always been their transparency, and this was a pretty big step back.

Their regular retail business still exists, and you can still order their colors individually online, but I haven’t quite decided if I’m ever going to purchase from them again. I did love their polish. It was high quality and it came in fantastic colors, but I did not appreciate the way this subscription situation was handled. I guess time will tell. One thing I know for sure, if I decide not to buy from them again, I will be one of many customers that has made that decision. They’ve upset a lot of people, me included, and who knows. They may have completely shot themselves in the foot, and may not be able to come back from this. For now, I certainly can’t suggest them to anyone else. We shall see how it all works out.


4 thoughts on “Long Overdue Bondi Update

  1. I really did love their polish. As I’m sitting here between coats of Botanical Beauty on my toes I wondered what was up with them. I hadn’t seen a Facebook post or received an email in some time. I was a customer before the subscription box. No Facebook page and no website. This truly makes me sad.

  2. I still have friends that are out $$$. As much as I loved the polishes, I will never purchase anything from Bondi. I will not support a company that has essentially stolen from their customers or a CEO that has repeatedly lied to his customers and behaved in an unprofessional manner. The form that Bondi has on their website to request refunds does not result in anyone receiving an actual refund. At least not anyone I know of that has attempted to go thru that process. They go ignored as well. Or they receive promises of refunds that never come into fruition. Recently Richard went so far as to give someone a bogus fedex tracking number for a refund (international money order). And now is giving excuses and lies or stalling when she questions him. It is getting ridiculous. I am posting this because I want to warn everyone of Bondi’s business practices. Great colors, great formula but very poor customer service and business practices. It is a pity because they had excellent customer service at one point. I am very saddened by this still. And for the record I did receive my refunds thankfully. I wish my friends could say the same.

    • They have toyed with me too about a sizeable refund. I have never seen anyone lie like this. After I didn’t hear from them for months, they sent me an email to fill out the refund form. I have been ignored. I wrote to them to ask why they contacted me in the first place. I had never been fleeced before, but I’ll tell you this- I will be very careful never to deal with Richard again. If you keep customers’ money and never provide the goods, are you a thief, a bandit,a sociopath or desperate?( note: I did note associate any particular name to that.
      If you call them , nobody answers and they don’t call back. If you leave a message on their site, they send an email that they have received your communication, assign it a number, then ignore you (and your money).
      As far as their supposed store (now taking orders) goes, if you have the same merchandise I ordered, why don’t you send me the polish I paid for? Did you sell it to many people and now can’t provide stock?
      I cannot recommend them for anything except involuntary detainment!

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