eShakti Sale – Why Haven’t You Taken Advantage Yet?

For those of you that frequently read my blog (thank you!), you know I LOVE eShakti. When I tell people about it, frequently their response is that it’s cute but too expensive. Well they’ve been running a 35% off sale for the last few weeks in conjunction with their referral program, and that makes everything totally affordable, if not down right cheap. If you use my referral code (ELIZABETH92SP) at check out, you get $30 off your purchase (and I get $15 to spend on what I want). And your first customization is free! My friend Vivian just bought herself a super cute dress for $18! Yes, $18! And she customized the length to fit her. Seriously, you’re crazy if you don’t take advantage of this (Do I sound like a commercial yet?). The sale is only going on until Dec 9th so you still have time to check it out.

To try to entice you, I’m doing a “best of” compilation of the eShakti dresses I own. All of these pictures are from my blog so you may have already seen them, but it’s nice to have them all in one place for your scrolling pleasure. So here goes. I’ll start with the ones that you can actually buy right now.

Sunday dressColorblock Stripe Poplin Dress
Colorblock Stripe Poplin Dress (sleeves added) $45.95 on sale, $25.90 with referral code including shipping.

572879736435320130818_140329black poplin dress
Retro Poplin Shirtdress (sleeves customized), $38.95 on sale, $18.90 with referral code including shipping.

Grey Knit Dress 2Arbor Melange Knit Dress
Arbor Melange Knit Dress (not currently available in grey, but can be found in black here), $42.95 on sale, $22.90 with referral code including shipping.

Crystal WIWTCCotton Knit Dress
Pleated Cotton Knit Dress (not currently available in green, but can be found in black here), $42.95 on sale, $22.90 with referral code including shipping. Cameo by my sister! Update: It’s back in green! Found at the original link.

Now onto the ones that aren’t currently available, but are fun anyway (and there’s always the possibility they will come back).

1055550455103320130804_084942Chambray Dress
Red Tipped Trim Chambray Frock

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA heart print skirt
Smocked Heart Print Skirt

houndstooth dress houndstooth dress eshakti
Houndstooth Print Colorblock Dress

Retro Style Zigzag Print Dress (sleeves added)

Anchor Dress 1Anchor Print Dress
Retro Anchor Print Shirtdress

This concludes my best of tour. Below I’ve posted more info on eShakti from my original eShakti blog post.

eShakti is a traditional online retailer that focuses on retro-style dresses, skirts, and tops. There’s one thing that makes them different from any other online store that I’ve run into. They let you customize! On most of their items you can add/remove sleeves, change the neckline, and change the length. You can also change the measurements and customize the entire sizing. Customization costs $7.50 per item. Items are made in India and shipped to the US.

I can’t tell you how much I love this company. Not just the customization, although that is wonderful. I always dress modestly and it’s nice to put sleeves on things instead of always having to wear cardigans. What I love most, is how they treat their customers. They are CONSTANTLY giving coupons, sales, deals, and yes, even giftcards just to keep you coming back. They have a great return policy too. If you don’t like what you received, and you want to return for store credit, they will give you the price of the item plus 20% back on a giftcard (the added 20% deal excludes overstock items).  However, you do have to pay return shipping and they don’t refund you for customization. Did I mention all their dresses have POCKETS?! Last awesome thing about this company, they sell plus size too!

If you need that code again, it’s ELIZABETH92SP.

Happy Shopping!


3 thoughts on “eShakti Sale – Why Haven’t You Taken Advantage Yet?

  1. Do you know if I can use this code more then once? Can I get a dress today, and then use it again tomorrow to get another dress? or it is just one time per person?

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