What I Wore To Church – Navy and Mustard with Pointed Toe Heels

Navy and Mustard 1Navy and Mustard 2Navy and Mustard 3
Navy Shoes

Skirt: Old Navy
Shirt: H&M
Shoes: JustFab Marne

The options in my closet are getting thinner as I’m getting, well, rounder. So picking out my Sunday outfits are going to get harder and harder. In this case, I started with the shoes and worked my way up. I picked these shoes up in a JustFab sale a couple of months ago for $5 (Currently they are a $15 add on). I have a love hate relationship with pointed toe heels because my wide toes do not like to be squished, but I couldn’t resist trying these for $5. So I bought them a full size up based on reviews, came to the conclusion I absolutely loved the pattern, and then they sat in my closet unworn for months.

This morning, I decided it was time to work them into an outfit. Once I made that decision, the shirt and skirt were pretty easy choices, but then I decided it needed more color. As you may have seen from my sailor print dress post, I love pairing mustard and navy together. When it was time to start looking for a belt, I found this mustard sash in my closet and decided it was perfect. Pop of color: check! In retrospect, I probably should’ve ironed the sash, but who has time for ironing?

So what’s the verdict on the pointed toe heels? I’m still not sold on them. These were not as comfortable as I’d hoped, but I did like the way they looked. Do I see myself buying any more pointy toes in the near future? Not likely.

If you’re interested in JustFab, please sign up using my link. I’ll of course include my standard warning that it is a shoe club, and if you don’t go in each month to “skip the month” they will charge your card and give you a credit to use on any regular priced item on the site. Just be sure to read the terms and conditions. It’s really not that complicated, but I like to make sure people are forewarned.

Happy Shopping!


2 thoughts on “What I Wore To Church – Navy and Mustard with Pointed Toe Heels

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