BIRCHBOX Review – October 2013

So you may have noticed October is almost over and I’m just now posting my BIRCHBOX review. I’ve had trouble getting around to using all the products, and I refuse to post a review without trying the products. But it’s done now so here it is. I’m still working on getting the lighting right so please excuse the dim pictures (curse not having any natural light in my house).


Not a bad looking box. We’ll start with the good:

Miss Jessie’s Original Creme de la Creme Conditioner, sample size. I was quite skeptical about this (which you’ll notice is a trend for me). I’ve tried many leave in conditioners and never seen much of a difference. I decided to try it before church two Sundays ago since I knew I would be blow drying my hair. The instructions said to leave it in for 5 to 10 minutes. I’m not really a “long shower” person so 5 minutes was all I could stand to leave it in for. I noticed the smell was very fresh. Almost like older brands of soap. It wasn’t an unpleasant smell, but it was very strong. I could smell it in my hair all day. I didn’t notice a huge difference once I blow dried my hair, until I started looking at the pictures that I took for that week’s blog post. It looked pretty stinkin nice.


I also got a comment from the husband saying I was having a really good hair day. So I guess despite my skepticism, it did make a difference.  Also since the sample was a rather large foil packet, I was able to use it three times so bravo on the sample size.


Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser and Pure Muslin Cloth, sample size. This was the item that held up the review. It took forever for me to get motivated enough to use it. Plus I kept forgetting about it. So last night after my workout I decided to try this stuff out. You rub the cleanser on your dry face to cleanse, then you wet the cloth with hot water, and polish the cleanser off. Lastly you splash your face with cold water to cool it off. It was definitely strange to rub cleanser on dry skin, but I went with it. It felt creamy and smelled very eucalyptus-y (yes, I turned that into an adjective). The hot cloth felt nice as I was polishing, but I could definitely feel the exfoliating effect. My face was a little raw after (I may have “polished” too hard) but the splash of cool water helped to tone it back down. I have to say, my face felt phenomenally smooth after and not at all irritated. Definitely an effective product.

I didn’t really have any “bad” in this box so we’ll move on to the “meh”:

POP Beauty Aqua Lacquer in Floating Rose, full size. Why is this in the meh category? Because it felt like every other lip gloss I’ve ever used. It claimed not to be sticky, but I still found it to be that. The one benefit that I would give it over other lip glosses is the wand applicator instead of the typical squeeze and rub design.  It wasn’t a bad lip gloss, just nothing special.

Joie Folle de Joie perfume, sample size. Not a big fan of perfumes these days, but when I do wear them, I prefer a light, fruity scent. While this claims to have mandarin layered in, all I could smell was the rose and sandalwood. A bit too “crisp” of a smell for me, but really not a bad smell. I just like to smell more subtle and generally more sweet.


Chapstick Hydration Lock, Vanilla creme, full size. This was the “BIRCHBOX find” for the box and it came with a $1 coupon off any Chapstick Hydration Lock I purchase in the future (before 31 Dec). Unfortunately I won’t be purchasing this anytime soon. It smelled nice and went on smooth, but I found myself reapplying constantly because my lips still felt dry. I think I’ll stick with my Burt’s Bees that I only have to apply every other day.  I was also a little sad they sent me two lip products in the same box. It seemed a like overkill. However, I did appreciate that they were both full size.

So that’s the box for the month. Overall I thought it was a good box for getting me out of my comfort zone and trying things I never would’ve tried before. They weren’t all home runs, but I definitely think it was worth the $10 (especially since the lipgloss is $14 by itself).

If you’re interested in signing up for the waitlist, please use my link here. Happy Shopping!


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