What I Wore To Church – Polka Dots and Red Accents


Shirt: H&M
Skirt: Old Navy
Shoes: Iron Fist Society Suicide
Jewelry: Monica’s Fantabulous Fashions

Since I’m trying to take my own advice and try new things, I challenged myself this week to create an outfit I’ve never tried before using things I already had in my closet (novel concept, right?), instead of just wearing an outfit I’ve tried and proven before.

I’m totally digging the retro look of high-waisted skirts these days, and had this one in my closet from Old Navy. I bought it over a year ago but had never worn it. I wasn’t quite sure how to style it because when I bought it, I was stuck on the idea of skirts being worn on my hips. When I dug it out this morning, I had the perfect combination in mind. It originally came with a black sash belt, but how boring is that? I love how the red belt brings attention to the smallest part of the waist and adds some fun. It also brings out the red in the shoes.

I originally bought these shoes when JustFab was featuring the Iron Fist collection. The biggest downside of Iron Fist is that they only carry full sizes. I first bought them in an 8 and they were far too snug, but by the time I decided to exchange, they were sold out of the 9. I had to stalk the website for months before I finally got them in a 9 and they were SO worth the wait. The details on them are too adorable for words, and I love pairing the polka dots on the strap and bow with other dots. Seriously, bows and dots are my favorite details.

Overall, I loved the retro look of the outfit, and how all the little details worked well together. I got lots of compliments at church so I’ll take that to mean it worked. Again, I guess I should continue to take my own advice and try new things. It seems to work out in my favor.


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