What I Wore to the Zoo – JustFab Denim and Vans

My sister is in town this weekend “evacuating” from the tropical storm on the Gulf Coast. That’s in quotes because it doesn’t look like the storm is going to be that bad, but it was an excuse for her to have a sleepover at my house.

To entice them up here, I suggested we should go to the zoo. It was definitely a success with the kids, and it was a great excuse to squeeze in an outfit post since there isn’t church tomorrow.

Zoo Outfit
Shirt: PBX Basics from the BX
Pants: JustFab Signature Skinny Printed Denim in Fresh Floral
Shoes: Vans Canvas Authentic

I’m always looking for opportunities to wear my floral denim and I thought this worked out. It’s still pretty hot here in Alabama so I don’t get to incorporate boots into my wardrobe rotation yet, which I’m pretty bummed about, but I needed some comfortable shoes for walking around the zoo. I have a love affair with Vans lace ups (don’t pass out from shock that I wear sneakers), and they were perfect for this trip. I thought they added a cute, casual feel to the outfit.

I can’t get over how much I love JF Denim. They are so soft and stretchy, and there are so many prints and colors to choose from. Really anyone can pull off skinny jeans if they are styled correctly and I have yet to see anyone of any size that doesn’t look good in the JF ones. I’ve decided I’m in love with printed denim. I used to think I couldn’t pull them off, and even now looking at the pictures on the JF website, I don’t like the way they look, but I like the way they look on me. I used to be worried that they were too “young” looking, but I guess I just decided I don’t care. I think with the right styling, you can avoid the teenager look, and everyone should at least give them a try.

If you’re interested in JustFab, please sign up using my link. Just note, it is a shoe club and if you don’t go in each month to “skip the month” they will charge your card and give you a credit to use on any regular priced item on the site. Just be sure to read the terms and conditions. It’s really not that complicated, but I like to make sure people are forewarned.

And for funsies, here’s a couple pictures of the kids at the playground at the zoo. Enjoy!





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