Bondi New York Update and October Colors

There is some news on the Bondi subscription front. It came out maybe 2 weeks ago, but this is the first I’ve thought to post about it. You may have noticed I have not posted a review for my September Bondi box. Well that’s because it hasn’t come yet…and it won’t be coming for another month. All subscribers received an email that said that the company received the shipment in, but was not happy with the quality of the product so they sent it back and have to wait for the new shipment before they ship the boxes out. This means the September and October boxes will be shipping around the same time. I was a bit disappointed, but I admire their dedication to high quality products. I also appreciate the transparency. They gave their customers the opportunity to either cancel or wait it out. If you don’t cancel your subscription, they’ll be giving you a $15 voucher that you can use for anything in the store with the exception of future subscription boxes. I thought that was pretty fair, and I’m a patient person so I decided to wait it out.

In the meantime, they released choices for your October box. You can choose from any of the September colors in addition to these new colors:
Cuff Me Girl On Top

Glitz n Glam Like a Lady

You can find the September colors on my previous post here or on their page here. I really like Cuff Me, Girl On Top, and Glitz n Glam. I may take those three for my box. I’m going to take some time to think about it.

In other news, Bondi has been doing pretty frequent facebook contests to give away some of their original collection. My sister won Teal Magnolia, and I won Chasing the Sun.

Teal MagnoliaChasing the Sun

I stole Teal Magnolia from my sister and wore it all last week while I was on vacation in Louisiana. It’s a great color that goes with everything. I was a little hesitant about how orange Chasing the Sun was, but I rocked it at church and ended up really liking it. It will definitely be great when Halloween rolls around.

It’s clear Bondi is having some growing pains, but I think they are handling it to the best of their ability. I can’t complain about how they treat their customers, and I definitely think the tardiness of the boxes is forgivable considering all the extras they are throwing in to try to make it right.

If you’re interested on signing up for their subscription, you can find it here.


4 thoughts on “Bondi New York Update and October Colors

  1. How does the polish hold up? I’ve had terrible luck with every brand i’ve tried… even OPI. It literally peels off my nails. I tried the apple cider vinegar wash on the nails before applying and I’m lucky if it lasts 2 days now instead of a few hours. But still. . . LOVE cuff me and that teal!

    • They hold up fairly well. If you buy their top coat, it’s specially formulated to work with their polishes and make them stronger. I’ve seen reviews that confirm that. I don’t have it myself, but I don’t usually have them on very long because after the weekend is over, I have to take it off for work.

  2. You do know that Bondi never shipped either the September or October boxes, right? And cancelled the subscription program. Hope you got your money back. I did, but a lot of people didn’t. I will never buy from them again.

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