Ipsy Review – September 2013

It’s that time of the month again. I got my ipsy bag, and I’ll say I was pretty happy.
It looks like a lot of stuff, doesn’t it? It’s not nearly as much as it looks like but it was pretty good. The theme this month was “Classic Beauty”.

We’ll start with the good:
The bag this month was super cute. It’s a great color with a cute lace pattern.

Elizabeth Mott “It’s So Big” Volumizing Mascara (sample size). I was actually quite impressed with this mascara. It went on smooth, added quite a bit of va-va-voom to the lashes, and stayed on without flaking. It washed off pretty easily too.

Freeman Beauty Facial Paper Mask (full size). I tried the Purifying Mask. I’d never used anything like this before. You take it out, and it’s a very drippy piece of paper-like material with holes for your mouth, nose, and eyes. You place it on your face and dab it down so it sticks. Then you leave it on for 5-10 min. When I put it on, I looked in the mirror and looked like leatherface from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies.
(Actual pictures may be forth coming depending on how brave I am the next time I use one of the masks) I definitely felt silly but I stuck it out for 10 min. It smelled great and felt refreshing so it wasn’t hard. Just don’t look at yourself. Once you take it off, you’re supposed to dab the excess serum into your skin. No rinse required. It was quite nice! It felt so fresh. I’m definitely a believer. I don’t know how much it did for my skin, but it was fun and it felt nice.

The bad:
J. Cat Beauty Fantabulous Lipstick (full size). I liked the fact that it was full size, but I didn’t like the color. At all. I have naturally pink lips, so putting nude colored lipstick on makes it look like I’m trying to hide my lips. I’m already pasty white. I don’t need to wash myself out more. Also, the formula felt rough going on, not creamy and nice like most lipstick. Just not a fan at all.

The meh:
Starlooks Obsidian Kohl Eye Pencil (full size). I was so happy to get a full size eyeliner in my bag. Unfortunately this one isn’t for me. It went on smooth and I had high hopes, but by lunch it was smudged all over the place and some of it had transferred to the upper part of my lid. Maybe I should’ve used a primer. Or maybe I just have oily eyelids. Either way, this isn’t for all day wear for me.

NYX Eye Shadow (full size). I gave this a “meh” for the same reason I gave the eye shadow a “meh” last month. I just don’t wear it. I’m sure this color would work out great for a smoky eye (if I knew how to do one), but I never go anywhere nice enough to warrant putting on that much eye makeup. Maybe I’ll save it for a special occasion.

Michelle Phan The Life Palette (sample size). This looks huge but really it’s just a piece of cardboard with a small sample at the bottom (the shiny part of the bottom panel. It’s a cute idea, and I like that it gives you instructions on how to apply. That’s what I need for makeup. Instructions! Maybe one of these days when I’m feeling adventurous, I’ll use the sample and try to spice up my look.

Overall, I was impressed with the number of full size products, even if I didn’t necessarily like the products. I also thought the products went well with the theme.

What did you think? If you want to get added to the waitlist sign up here! And thanks to those that have already signed up through my link!

(Leatherface image from http://www.nightmarefactory.com/leatherface/. All other images are mine)


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