Street Moda Haul

Since I’m not feeling well today, I didn’t go to church. Besides the obvious downsides to not going to church, it also means no “What I Wore to Church” segment, which makes me sad. Instead, I decided to try to cheer myself up by blogging about my newest pretty shoes.

I posted about the Street Moda coupon code a little over a week ago, and I seriously took advantage of this one. All the shoes I ordered were from Jessica Simpson’s collection, and I couldn’t be happier.

Jessica Simpson Devin. Normal retail $89, I paid $16. I’ve been looking for a good black suede pump that’s comfortable, and these fit the bill perfectly. I would’ve ordered Waleo in black since I know how they fit, but they were out of my size. They are a little more round-toed than Waleo, and just as comfortable. These will be a nice staple in my closet. I ordered 1/2 size up.

Jessica Simpson Waleo. Normal retail $89, I paid $18. As I mentioned in my previous post, I love my coral waleos and had been keeping an eye out for other colors. This is the “emerald” color although they are definitely more blue than green as you can see. Also, it just occurred to me these are very similar in color to my JF Ivana I posted about weeks ago. Either way, they are a great, rich color, and I’m sure I’ll find an outfit or five to match with them. They’ll be perfect for the winter. I ordered 1/2 size up.

Another color of Jessica Simpson Waleo. I paid the same price for them. This is the “nude kid suede”. These were quite the surprise. I got this color because I LOVE the detailing on the bottom. Little did I know, the detailing sparkles quite a bit. It’s like a disco ball for my feet. I tried to get a better picture but I’m not sure if I succeeded.
You can kind of see the sparkling. It’s super fun.

Jessica Simpson Britt. Normally retails for $98, I paid $24. These were clearly more expensive than the other 3 (but still quite the steal). They were worth every penny. Are those not the cutest shoes you’ve ever seen in your life? I love the retro look of the gingham and the t-strap, and the bows just kick the cute into overdrive. The gingham part is a pretty satiny material, and you guessed it, they are COMFORTABLE. I will never stop saying how great Jessica Simpson shoes are. I went with my true size on these, which seems to be the case for most of JS’s open-toed shoes. I can’t wait to come up with an outfit to pair these with (yes, usually I pick the shoes first and work an outfit around it).

So there you have it. Four pairs of designer shoes that I paid less than the cost of one pair.

Total retail value of the shoes: $365
Total cost with the coupon code (SAVE60): $76

Not sure if the code still works, but it doesn’t hurt to try. Happy Shopping!


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