Beauty Swap Party!

My friend Sarah and I hosted a beauty swap/JustFab party today! It was so much fun.

For those that don’t know what a beauty swap party is (I didn’t know until I read about it), it’s just like a clothes swap party except you swap beauty products (hair care, body care, make up, skin care, perfume, etc.). Every girl has a medicine cabinet or vanity full of beauty products that they either never used or used once and decided they didn’t like. This is an opportunity for all your friends to come together and give away those products and hopefully pick up some new ones. Either ones that you already know and love that someone else is giving away, or ones that you wouldn’t have bought for yourself, but want to try. Everyone walks away with free stuff and gets rid of stuff they don’t use! It’s a win/win.

(This was just the product between my sister and me. There was plenty more when everyone showed up.)

JustFab encouraged their Brand Ambassadors to have a style swap party, but since most of my friends are different sizes, I decided to go with this instead. JustFab sponsored and provided goody bags filled with lip balm, nail polish, nail files, hand sanitizer, and a $20 voucher for JustFab, as well as super cute water bottles for everyone.  They also provided a purse (Novel) and a bracelet (Minx in Linx) to raffle off.


I set up a little display to showcase some of my JustFab collection and added one of my own purses (Dominate) to the raffle.


Once everyone arrived and all the product got on the table, we went at it.


And for those of you worried about the ick factor of picking up used products, we even had a sanitation station.


I think everyone left happy! Especially after partaking of Sarah’s snacks!


At the end, I gave everyone a tour of my shoe closets (yes, there are more than one), and then everyone went on their way. I had a great time and I got away with some good stuff. Some humidity fighting leave in conditioner, some cute colors of nail polish, and face sunscreen were my favorite finds.

And just for funsies, here’s what I wore to the party.

Yes, that’s my new skirt from Vannic Boutique and I LOVE it. It’s so comfy!

If you’ve never done a beauty swap party before, I highly recommend it! I’m planning on taking the leftovers down to Florida in November so my sister can host one for her friends!

Final note: THANK YOU to Sarah for the food, Catherine for the drinks, and a special thanks to my sister Crystal who drove 3 hours both ways just to help me with my party!


5 thoughts on “Beauty Swap Party!

  1. I loved this post!! =D. I wish I knew people around here so I could do a swap party too… I literally know no one right now =(

    • Thank you, Viv! You’re still new there. You’ll make friends in no time because you’re just that awesome. Everyone should be friends with you, and then you can have the most awesome swap party EVAR!

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