Sale Alert – eShakti

I know I rave about eShakti all the time, but this is why. They are always having sales. I already mentioned in my post on Sunday that they are having another buy 3 for 2 sale. What I didn’t realize at the time is that they are also having an additional sale of 50% off of quite a few items. ¬†Unfortunately you can’t combine the two sales. The 3 for 2 only works on non-sale and non-overstock items. However, there are some things in the sale section worth a look-see. For instance:

zigzag dress

Retro Style Zigzag Print Dress. It’s on sale for $34.95. I own this dress (I added sleeves) and I absolutely LOVE it. Totally worth $34.95.

Another dress that may be worth your time is this one:

Houndstooth dress

Houndstooth Print Color block Dress. It’s on sale for $44.95. This is the one I took advantage of, and it’s on it’s way to me! I know around here wearing houndstooth is showing school spirit for Alabama, but can’t a girl just like houndstooth? I love the color blocking and the print. I plan on wearing it with a colored sash (not crimson) around the middle to give it a pop of color.

The only thing you have to be careful about with eShakti is their shipping. It’s pretty pricey but to be fair, they are shipping from India. I think I paid $9.95 in shipping on this and that’s on the low end.Check out the sale and let me know if you took advantage!


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