Monica’s Fantabulous Fashions

Company: Monica’s Fantabulous Fashions
Price: Varies depending on what you buy
Details: An online boutique run by my good friend Mon that sells costume jewelry, some clothing, and accessories at very reasonable prices. She only accepts paypal as a form of payment, and features frequent “flash sales” with her in stock items. She’s really good at watching the trends and offering items that match those trends. She also features Lily and Laura bracelets on her site!

How it works: If you order from her website here, it’s just like any other online retailer, and you pay with paypal. If you shop her facebook page here, it’s a lot more fun and an interactive experience. You can go through her photos and find something you like, then comment on it. If she has it in stock, she’ll send you an invoice in paypal and then ship it out to you. If she doesn’t, she’ll usually try to find you something similar that she does have. The biggest fun thing is that if you are looking for something in particular, she’ll make you an album full of things that may match your description. I did that recently looking for a mint or teal colored statement necklace (I sent her a link to a similar one for $40) and she gave me SO many options to choose from. I ended up picking this set pictured below.


and the one I wore last Sunday with my Vannic Boutique chevron skirt:

Vannic Boutique

I also ended up buying this bracelet from her sale album.


One thing I LOVE about Mon is that she always tries to throw in something extra when you purchase from her. She sent me the below bracelet for FREE.

It definitely shows how much she cares about her customers.

Now let’s talk about her flash sales. These are SO much fun to participate it because it’s like a competition. She’ll create a flash sale album, then she’ll announce the time that it’s supposed to start and the percent off that she’s offering that night (25%, 50%, etc). At the designated time, she’ll post “GO!” on her page and you go through the album and comment on all the ones you want. If you’re the first commenter, it’s yours! Just be sure to message her your paypal email address so she can send you the invoice, and make sure you pay your invoice within 24 hours.

She also does live sales where  she will post available, in stock items on her wall. She will either ask a silly, fun question or simply state (example), “the 3rd  comment gets this $17.75 item for $10.00”. She definitely understands the competitive nature of most shoppers.

If you want more info on her rules for her sales, you can find them here. Like her facebook page so you can get notifications for her sales!

If you would like to shop her website, you can find it here, or her facebook page here. I highly recommend her store! Mon is a professional, fun, and dedicated business woman, and she will jump through hoops to find you what you want. I hope you take the time to check it out.


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