Bondi New York

Company: Bondi New York
Price: $19.99 per month
Description: Bondi New York is a nail polish subscription service that delivers 3 full size polishes and a deluxe beauty product once a month. The option to skip is available. You will just need to go on their website and live chat to skip before your card is charged on the last day of the month.  The first box was a mystery box from their current collection. The September box will be a preview of their fall collection, and from then on out you will get to preview your colors before they charge you so you can skip if you’d like. Their products are five free (formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, camphor, toluene and DBP), and they donate 100% of the net profit on these boxes to charity.

I jumped at the chance to sign up for this since I’m just getting into nail polish. I will say their shipping was a bit of a fiasco, but according to the company, it was more USPS’s issue as they delivered all the boxes to the Post Office on the 1st as promised…and then they sat at the post office. So it wasn’t speedy but there will always be bumps when opening a new service. They gave us a coupon for our trouble which I will be utilizing (on this) so at least they tried to make it right!

Upfront, one thing I love about this company is their transparency. You can email the founder Richard Annington directly, and you can tell he is very involved with making sure his customers are satisfied.

Now on to what I got in my first box!



The three colors were “Brick Road” (yellow), “NYPD” (blue), and “Fuschia-istic” (pink). They are definitely clever with their names (even if fuchsia is spelled wrong).


Here they are on my fingers.


The pink really is more fuchsia than that. I couldn’t get it to show up the proper color.

The NYPD and Fuschia-tastic only took one coat. Brick Road took two but that’s expected with lighter colors. They dried quick and seem to be really high quality. Only downside is they stained my nails after only 10 min on so a base coat is a necessity. I’m not sure how well they hold up since I can’t keep them on (clearly none of them are authorized in uniform). I’ll report on that in the future.

I love the colors, although I don’t think I’ll ever wear the yellow. That may be going in my beauty swap party batch. I think the pink and the blue will get used though.

The “deluxe beauty product” was this “Suki to-go” jump start balancing kit.


I’m interested to try it since my skin has been ALL OVER THE PLACE lately. It definitely needs some balancing.

I’m definitely going to be keeping this subscription. I’m excited for next month since it is their fall collection and everyone knows red heads look good in fall colors. I’ll definitely be a happy camper when we get to preview colors before we buy.

If you’d like to sign up for a subscription of your own click here. They don’t have a referral program set up just yet, but they said they are working on it. You can sign up for the month to month option for $19.99, the 3 month option for $49.97 (saving $10), the 6 month option for $99.95 (you get the 6th box free) or the year option costing $199.90 (you get the 11th and 12th month free). If you sign up for any of the subscriptions, you also get 25% off of all their products (excluding subscription boxes).

They also have a facebook page you can check out here.


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