Since I haven’t seen a good sale in a few days, I thought I’d tell you about one of my shopping “tools”.


Company: Ebates
Price: Free! In fact they pay you!
Description: Ebates is a website that when you shop through them, (visit their page first and use their link to whatever store you are shopping at) they give you cash back for your purchases.

I’ve used ebates since 2011 and I’ve received a total of $102.41 in cash back. You can either receive it as a check in the mail, or directly into a paypal account. They do pay outs quarterly.

Each company gives a different percentage of cash back. Even if it’s 1%, money is money! And it’s for shopping you’re doing anyway. It’s especially helpful on days like cyber Monday. Most companies will give double cash back in addition to their specials. A ton of companies participate in ebates. Modcloth, Tilly’s, Old Navy, LOFT, American Eagle, Bath & Body Works, and Zulily are all on there.

The hardest part is just remembering to go to their site first.

What are you waiting for? If you’re not already a member, sign up here!


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