JustFab Shoes

As promised, here are the shoes that I got from the various JustFab sales. Just in case you didn’t see it the first time, here’s the deets on JF.

Company: JustFab
Price: $39.95 a month
Description: JustFab is a shoe/bag club that adds new selections monthly. They do charge monthly but they will give you a credit that you can use on any of their products. They also give you the opportunity to “skip the month” by logging on to their website between the 1st and 5th of the month and hitting the “skip” button. They also carry denim and accessories.

First up we have New Orleans.


My husband calls them my “Dancing with the Stars” shoes. They are gorgeous in person. Very sparkly. They run true to size (TTS). They were outside my norm (and definitely below my usual heel height) but I love them.

Next we have Jacqui.


Since there was a sale, I took the opportunity to go outside my comfort zone a couple times. This is another case. I generally steer away from wedges because the husband doesn’t like them, but I loved the versatility of these. The mint color is so cute and quite popular right now. They actually run a tad big, but not so much that it’s a problem. I wore them to a church activity not long ago and every one went nuts over these. So, they definitely make a statement.

Also out of my comfort zone was Skylar.


These were just so unique and sexy that I had to get them. They are very high but surprisingly comfortable. They fit TTS. I absolutely love the way they look. They are another statement shoe. I have a feeling though, that girls will love them, and guys will wonder how I walk in them. Now to find something to wear with them…

From the $5 add on sale I got Ivana.


These shoes are more my regular style. I love the color and the thicker heel makes them easier to walk in. I love the stitched detailing that runs along the length of the shoe. I ordered TTS and they fit perfect.

Also from the $5 add on I got Izzy.


These are ADORABLE. I ordered a full size up (usually an 8, I got a 9) based on reviews and they are a tad big, but with inserts they will work. I suspect the 8 1/2 would’ve been snug and I hate snug shoes.

Next, on to Juanita.


They are a gorgeous purple color. In fact, they are exactly the color of Nerds candy. My husband calls them my “nerds shoes”. Personally, I like wearing candy on my feet. I ordered 1/2 size up based on reviews and they are perfect. Definitely a good staple shoe for the closet.

Last one from the sales is Marne.


Way outside my comfort zone. I NEVER wear pointed toe shoes, because my wide toes like to have some wiggle room, but oddly they work. The pattern was just too cute. I ordered full size up per the reviews and I’m glad I did. They fit just right. There’s no way TTS or 1/2 size up would’ve worked. I’m definitely going to have to figure out how to style them but seriously. Just look at them. How could I have said no for $5.

Not from the sales, but a must see anyway, I have to show you Naples.


Aren’t they are gorgeous!? Once again the mint color is perfect. They are so soft on the outside and from what I can tell in the 5 minutes trying them on, comfortable. The platform always helps with that. Got them TTS.

There is still a clearance sale going on here. It’s not nearly as good of a deal, but I already picked up 5 more items. I’ll do a review on them when they get here. I’m not sure how much longer the sale is going on, so check it out sooner rather than later.

If you’re interested in joining JustFab, use this link and you should get 50% off your first item.


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