Company: Julep
Price: $19.99 a month
Description: Julep is a nail polish subscription company that will send you 2 polishes and a beauty product once a month with the option to pick which box they send as well as the option to skip between the 20th and 24th of each month. Total value is supposed to be at least $40.

The first thing Julep will have you do is to take a “style profile”. When I took it, my profile came out to be “Boho Glam” described as a “dynamic free spirit with a creative eye.” I guess that fits, but I’m not sure that’s what I would’ve picked. Ultimately, I liked the colors more than I liked the colors from any other box so I went with it. That’s definitely one perk of their business model, the ability to switch boxes if you don’t like the one from you style profile.

I received Clara (an opaque peach cream) and Gabrielle (a smoky mulberry creme) as my colors and the Julep Essential Cuticle Oil.




The good: I was impressed that it only took one coat to put on Gabrielle and I really loved the inky, soft purple color. I wish I could wear it to work, but unfortunately it wouldn’t be within military regs. This was definitely the winner in the box.

The bad: It took two coats to put on Clara and I didn’t think the peach looked good with my fair skin.¬†Overall with both bottles, I thought the bottles were small for the price, and that the bottles were too long. It meant that a lot of nail polish collected on the brush, and I had to make sure to clean most of it off before applying so I didn’t get a huge messy amount on my nails.

The meh: The cuticle oil was nice, but I cant see myself using it everyday. I do like the fact that it came on a roller so it was easy to apply. I wish I’d have gotten one of the other products that came in the other boxes (like the Glycolic Hand Scrub), but like I said, I liked the colors in this box more than the other boxes.

I decided to skip the month of August. I liked one of the colors from the Boho Glam box and one of the colors from one of the other boxes, but I wasn’t interested in the “Double Step Foot Treatment” that came in both of those boxes. From glancing on the Julep Facebook page, it looks like the boxes also came with seeds for “Forget Me Not” flowers. Cute idea since the theme of the boxes was garden party, but as someone stated on the page, it’s the wrong season for “Forget Me Nots”.

We’ll see what next month holds but I’m certainly not cancelling my membership. Especially since they’re not going to charge me unless I want them to.

Did I mention you can get your first month free? Just pay shipping. Sign up here and use code FREEBOX.


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