Company: JustFab

Price: $39.95 a month

Description: JustFab is a shoe/bag club that adds new selections monthly. They do charge monthly but they will give you a credit that you can use on any of their products. They also give you the opportunity to “skip the month” by logging on to their website between the 1st and 5th of the month and hitting the “skip” button. They also carry denim and accessories.

JustFab is one of my favorite shoe companies. I am a JustFab Brand Ambassador and have been a member for years. I love their products (most of the time) and appreciate how well they treat their loyal customers. Recently they ran a number of sales and I took advantage quite a bit. For this post, I’ll focus on the bags that I purchased, and then I’ll do the shoes in the near future.

I’ll start with Petite Icon (no longer available).


This is by far one of the best bags I’ve ever received from them. It’s structured, it’s the perfect size, it looks way more expensive than it was, and best of all, it’s perfect for work.

Next we have Midtown.


Another bag that looks more expensive than it is. It’s again, a great size. The color is a very deep green that almost looks black.  It will be a great versatile bag, especially in the fall. I love that you can use it with the zippers up or down. I’ve seen this style pop up in lots of designer bags and I’m happy that I got this one at such a deal! I would buy it in white if it came back in stock.

Moving on to Gallivant.


I bought this bag in the $5 add on sale and figured if I didn’t like it, I could always gift it. I still haven’t quite decided if I want to let it go. It’s a lot slouchier than it looked on the website, but I love the option of using the top handle or the side handles. Even if I would probably never use the side handles, I like the thought that they put into it. It’s bigger than my other bags but not so big that it’s overwhelming.

And now we’ll look at Fresca.


I bought Fresca as a $5 add on because I’m always looking for good clutches, especially that are more formal looking that I can use for events. I’m not sure if this one fit the bill but I still really like it and may use it as a more casual bag. It’s a bigger clutch so it has no problem fitting all the essentials. One great little surprise about this bag is that it has a wristlet strap inside that has a snap to keep it inside if you don’t want to use it. Again, I’m not sure if I’d ever use the wristlet strap but I love the thought put into it.

Next we have Laurent.


This bag was a pleasant surprise. It’s so bright and vibrant. It’s a shape I didn’t have and it’s a good size. The material is one I hadn’t seen before. It’s got textured horizontal lines across the material which adds a nice detail.  It’s got an optional shoulder strap so you don’t have to carry it as a satchel.

Next we have Savant.


Savant was kind of a disappointment in some respects but a pleasant surprise in others. I wanted it for a laptop bag but it is too small for that. Also, the material looks a bit cheap, but that doesn’t really bother me. What I love is the little pouch inside that is removable. If it were just a bit bigger (or my laptop was a bit smaller) it would’ve been perfect for a laptop bag. Put the laptop in the main compartment and all the accessories (power cord, mouse, etc) in the pouch. Oh, well. I’m sure I’ll find another use for it.

Now onto Tryst.


Tryst is such a cute little clutch. It’s really not big enough for anything but the basics, but it looks pretty high quality. I love the wooden toggle clasp. There’s also some stud detailing on the handle that wasn’t in the JF pictures, but I like it. It gives it a slight edge to go along with the bright pink.

Lastly we have Dominate.


This is a sassy little bag. It’s a very bright red, that is great for a statement. I love the studs around the pocket. It’s quite a bit smaller than expected, but I prefer smaller bags. I love that it’s structured. Not a fan of the satchel style but I can make it work.

I absolutely love JustFab and as you can see they have amazing sales. I didn’t pay more than $20 for any of these bags and some of them look like they cost more than $100. If you’re interested in joining JustFab, use this link and you should get 50% off your first item.


12 thoughts on “JustFab

  1. I have Midtown in green too! Love, love, LOVE it and use it all the time. I especially like the little strap on the handles even though it combined with the flap closure create a barrier to quick access–but I love the detail. I’ve gotten a ton of compliments on it! 🙂

  2. Hi sorry to double post if I did LOL you can delete one of them if you want! I just wasn’t sure if I did the first post correctly since I don’t see it posted hehe. I was just wondering if you would be willing to sell me your midtown bag? Thank you ❤ love your wordpress btw!

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