Company: FabKids
Price: $39.95/mo.
Description: FabKids is a sub-company of JustFab. They currently only sell outfits for girls, but will be offering outfits for boys starting in August. They sell their clothing in pre-chosen outfits or give you the option to buy each piece individually.

For my first post, I thought it would be good to start out with the latest company I’ve tried out.  I love JustFab and always get excited when they branch out into different areas. I signed up my niece Ainsley for FabKids after they offered me my first outfit free. I let Ainsley pick out her outfit. She picked out this gingham dress.


The dress came with a cute pair of yellow shorts called “playground shorts” and the yellow bow in her hair.

It fit well. The straps were adjustable and it was long enough so she should be able to wear it for awhile. She can wear it with the straps crossed in the back or straight. In the front the strap is cinched through the material like a pillowcase dress. She normally wears an 8 and we ordered her a L (8-10) to make sure the length was long enough since she is tall. She normally wears dresses at the knees. This one fell about an inch below the knee.

Ainsley’s review: She liked that the color was more pink than red and that the material was soft.

Overall, the outfit is good quality, but I’m not sure about the $39.95 price point. Maybe if they added a pair of shoes to the outfit. I will likely be skipping the month until they have a sale.

If you are interested in FabKids, use this link and you will get 50% off your first outfit.

Update: Ainsley has a hard time getting it over her head without help because of the cross-straps. That makes a difference because Ainsley likes to dress herself (as most 7 year olds do).


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